Bud Buddy from Hydroponics Group – Review

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At first glance, the Bud Buddy Grow Box System is a marvel of expert engineering. It looks beautiful, and when I first encountered it, I had a very good feeling that this system could blow any other grow system out there right out of the water. Some things I noticed were the attention to detail and the obvious research the guy’s at Hydroponics Group had done. It turns out I was correct, and when I finally got the chance to set it up and put it to good use, I was completely floored.

At first, I assumed the setup for this system, which seemed rather complicated at first blush, would give me fits for sure. However, nothing was further from the truth, I found set up to be very easy, and it took me no time at all. Everything I needed to grow was included in the system, so I only had to add the plants, water, and nutrients. Before I knew it I was all ready to go. The Bud Buddy Hydroponic System came with awesome odor control (best design I have ever seen in a grow at home product), optimum lighting, superb fans, and the complete nutrients for the plants I was growing.

The Bud Buddy Unit was a breeze to use, since farming was done at a comfortable hip height, meaning I didn’t have to break my back stooping over every day when I wanted to check on my plants. I didn’t have to worry about my plants getting too much heat either, since the fans were calibrated from the factory to provide efficient air flow and we had zero excess heat. However, with the use of the LED lighting, the chances of the heat getting too much for the plants was vastly reduced anyway, leaving me with little to worry about in that respect.

BBopen 553x311 Bud Buddy from Hydroponics Group   Review

The nutrients were not only given to me, but the schedule of feeding the plants was supplied as well. This made growing my plants way less frustrating and difficult than it had been in the past with various other grow systems I had tried. The supplied feeding schedule was a no brainer to follow, set up for a 10 week cycle not only did I know exactly what to add nutrient wise but the system allows for 5 harvests per year. After having the system set up and growing, it wasn’t long before I began to reap the benefits of the Bud Buddy Unit. The harvests I got were massive, much more substantial than any I had ever gotten from other systems. I was ecstatic at the results, and couldn’t wait to write down my findings and tell everyone I knew in the Hydroponics Growing Community about this top of the line grow system.

Now that you and I know the Bud Buddy works like a well oiled machine, get yours and reap the benefits like I have. I assure you, you will never be disappointed in the performance of the Bud Buddy Unit. You will wish you had one years ago, when you remember all of the frustration and wasted time you spent on buying other components or systems. Simply put, “You’re Going to Want to Buy one Today!”


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