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Use Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure

natural remedies for blood pressure

Blood pressure is the amount of pressure that is placed on the artery walls by the blood, as the blood is pumped into the arteries so that it can be brought to the vital organs of the body. The heart works nonstop, getting blood that isn’t pure, making it purified, and then pumping it to other body organs with oxygenated ...

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Use Medicinal Teas for Natural Cold and Flu Relief

medicinal teas

People have used herbal teas to relieve symptoms of cold and flu long before antihistamine tablets or formulated cold remedies. They are full of minerals, vitamins, and medicinal substances. There are commercial versions of these natural remedies in the majority of health food and natural grocery stores, or they can also be made right at home. Some of the best ...

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Try Aromatherapy as a Natural Approach to Stress Relief

try aromatherapy as a natural approach to healing

Holidays and daily living can place a real strain on your mind and body. Stress can lead to anxiety and extreme fatigue, which can lower your immunity and makes you more susceptible to the myriad of illnesses circulating around at this time of year. The Warwick Olfaction Research Group in England has discovered that just by sniffing certain fragrances, you ...

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Treating Sinus Infections Naturally

nautral sinus infection treatment

Sinus infections occur in thousands of people each year, and this often sends them on the hunt for natural remedies so they do not have to rely on prescriptions that often have numerous side effects. When your sinuses are infected, due to viruses , fungus, or bacteria, the air that is found in the sinus cavities become clogged with mucus ...

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The Pros and Cons of Holistic Medicine

pros and cons of holistic medicine

If western medicine recognized the theories and ideals of some of the medical systems, therapies, and procedures that are found in holistic medicine, we could have a near perfect health care system. Alternative, or holistic medicine is an medical treatment that has not been scientifically proven by science, or has been proven that is it ineffective, harmful or unreliable. The ...

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Back Pain

holistic approach to back pain

Today, the numbers of people that undergo surgery to ease their back pain is rising dramatically. These people routinely lose sleep, miss work, and forgo their favorite activities due to their chronic back pain. Back pain is the second most common reason for visiting the doctor, and is the number one reason for people becoming inactive. However, the causes for ...

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Some of the Health Benefits to a Holistic Lifestyle

holisitic lifestyle

People are now catching on to living a more holistic lifestyle all around the world. This is one way to slow down, take a breath, and begin to live healthier. Some of the major reasons people have become so overweight and sick is due to eating high fat foods, like from fast food restaurants all the time. The Holistic lifestyle ...

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Some Benefits to Using Holistic Medicine

benefits to using holistic medicine

Holistic medicine is a full health care system that develops the overall health of the body including the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and social well being. It is a form of complementary medicine that is also called alternative medicine. It uses many different therapeutic methods to achieve good health. It allows the body to get back its physical and energy ...

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Six Methods to Detoxify Your Body

six methods to detox your body

We all need to periodically detoxify our bodies because we ingest mucus, toxins, and other harmful substances into our bodies each day. We also get these substances from poor eating habits, not drinking enough water, and not exercising enough. So this means that in order for detoxification to work, a lifestyle change will be needed. We will have to learn ...

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Prevent Disease with Whole Body Detoxification

whole body detox

More people than ever are suffering with chronic illnesses and cancer because of the foods they eat, the lifestyle they have, and the fact that they live in environments that are polluted. When you have the proper information, you can understand how to stop these diseases from happening. Lots of people take dietary supplements, use some form of natural therapy, ...

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